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Brexit through the eyes of two British companies with direct exposure: Getlink and LSE

Brexit Through The Eyes Of Two British Firms With Direct Exposure: Getlink And LSE

Now the UK parliament has the last word on Brexit agreement. The calendar is the problem and, obviously the problems associated with the decision taken, but a hard Brexit may be less of a risk. The experts from Alphavalue have taken the share prices of Getlink, the public company that manages and operates the Eurotunnel, and the London Stock Exchange Group, as examples of companies whose performance has discounted a soft Brexit scenario for some time.

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The ECB intervened in the Italian Banca Carige, as expected

As Expected, The ECB Intervened In The Italian Banca Carige

The European Central Bank yesterday named three temporary administrators, as well a three member vigilance commission, to take control of Italy´s 10th bank and replace its leadership, following the resignation of the majority of its board members. Even tough Pietro Modiano, one of the three temporary administrators  declared that there was no merger on the horizon for the bank, they will likely try to find another bank in which they can integrate it.