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US Elections: In The Short Term, The Best For The Market Is The Blue Wave

Joe Biden is the clear favourite to win the US elections, with in addition a fair chance of a “blue wave”. In the opinion of Gilles Möec, chief economist at AXA IM, given the need of another fiscal push, in the short term, it is probably the optimal outcome for the market especially if the results come quickly. Questions on the long-term US policy stance will come later.


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Biden’s Tax Plan: Top 1% Gets Hit

Historically, a large portion of the US wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few people. According to data from the Tax Policy Center, about 80% of the capital gains go to the wealthiest 5% of taxpayers. 69% go to the top 1% of taxpayers. Biden’s current proposal calls for those earning more than $1mln to have long term cap gains and qualified dividends be taxed as ordinary income. This would mean a tax increase from 0% -20% (depending on taxpayer’s income) to 39.6% – the current proposal for the top bracket under Biden’s outline. How impactful will this be?

Crytocurrencies turn ten years; 2019 could be the year of tokenization

Crypto Corner: $2 Billion Of Cryptoasset Options Set To Expire Friday

Analysts have warned cryptoassets such as bitcoin and ethereum could be in for a bout of volatility come Friday when nearly $2 billion-worth of options contracts expire, according to Forbes. The data, provided by Skew, suggests the level of options contracts has tripled in the past three months to $1.9 billion in total. Around $1 billion of this is focused on bitcoin alone, with many contracts set between $11,000 and $12,000, higher than bitcoin’s current dollar prices.