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Gender Mainstreaming In The EU Budget: Time To Turn Words Into Action

The European Court of Auditors assessed whether gender mainstreaming had been applied in the EU budget from 2014 onwards. Their conclusion is that there is not yet any effective framework to support gender mainstreaming, and that the EU’s budget cycle has not adequately taken gender equality into account.They found that only 4 out of the 58 2014-2020 spending programmes had explicit gender-related objectives.

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Italy | Rising Insolvencies Expected As Of H2 Of 2021

Crédito y Caución (Atradius) | Despite the deep economic contraction in 2020, Italian business insolvencies decreased 29% year-on-year. The decline was mainly due to a temporary bankruptcy moratorium and fiscal support. However, with the expiry of temporary adjustments to insolvency law, it is expected that business failures will increase again in H2 of 2021. Looking at the cumulative insolvency growth between 2019 and 2021, Italian business failures are forecast to increase 4%, with further rising insolvencies expected in 2022

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Microchips? Lack Of Plastics, Metals, Wood…

The Eurozone’s manufacturing PMI rose in May to 63.1 points from 62.9 points in April. May’s final reading is the highest ever for this indicator. In the case of Spain, the manufacturing PMI rose to 59.4, its highest level since May 1998.


Good Company, Bad Investment: The thinking Behind Investor Decisions

Ricardo Jimenez (Sigma Rocket) | The average holding period of a stock has been dropping for many years – and in 2020 it hit a new low. A study by Reuters of NYSE companies found the average holding period is now five and a half months, compared with 14 months in 1999 and five years in the far-away 1970s. Over recent years, falling brokerage fees and higher volatility have accelerated the short-termism of investors.

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European Office Property: Does More Remote Working Mean Evolution Or Revolution?

Rigel Patricia Scheller (Scope Ratings) | Restricting people to their homes to contain the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how they shop, socialise, study and work. Some changes may prove long term, with far-reaching repercussions for real estate. The severity of the impact on office property is less clear.The Covid-19 impact on office space could markedly diverge across different parts of Europe. While the repercussions in some countries might be limited due to pre-pandemic remote-working trends, the impact might be stronger in countries with significant office space under construction, more pronounced vacancies and lower prevalence of home working before the pandemic started.

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AT1 CoCos Shine Amid Rising Treasury Yields

As sentiment around banks improves, and the prospect of interest rates to rise it’s become increasingly difficult to disregard the potential of AT1 CoCos. Its history of providing portfolios with some cushion in a rising rate environment is sure to be an attractive proposition for investors.

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The Aviation Industry: Five Reasons For Resilience

Capital Group | Last year was a truly awful time for global aviation. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about the biggest disruption to the global aviation industry in its entire history. Nevertheless, despite the magnitude of events, there are several reasons why some sectors within aviation, such as aircraft manufacturing, may be more resilient than they have been in the past.

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“Europe Is The Place To Be This Year”

T. C. | “Europe is the place to be this year. That at least is what Morgan Stanley analysts say: “With economic momentum improving (and with a three-year visibility), strong earnings growth, lower relative valuations, tighter investor positioning, US flows growing, buybacks at lows and improving, positive inflation effect, Bunds yields at 0% and the Recovery Fund, could see Europe beat all regions for the first time since 2000 (being…

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Euro Stoxx 600: Earnings Per Share Up 90%.

T.C. | The quarterly corporate earnings season is now in its final phase, both in Europe and on Wall Street. And the season can be described as excellent, with most companies outperforming analysts’ expectations and being very positive about the future of their businesses. So far, 91% of the S&P500 has reported, with 77% of companies beating market estimates in Revenues, (+12.9% vs +8.6% expected by the consensus). Meanwhile, 87%…