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French State raises its stake in EDF to 97.69%, plans to reach full ownership by 8 June via squeeze-out

Santander | EDF has announced that the takeover bid for its shares by the French state has raised the state’s stake in the company to 97.69% of the share capital and that the state will now seek to acquire the minority stakes through a squeeze-out process, which it expects to result in full state ownership by 8 June. In addition, EDF issued a press release yesterday to announce that the…

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Spanish government proposes segmenting electricity market in Brussels to prevent gas from contaminating prices

The Ministry for Ecological Transition has informed the Council of Ministers of the proposed reform of the European wholesale electricity market that the government has sent to Brussels today. Following the economic measures that the Spanish government has proposed, and which Brussels “has accepted as its own”, according to the Secretary of State for Energy, Sara Aagesen, during the presentation of the proposal to the media, the “conceptual” debate on…

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For the first time in decades, the number of people without access to electricity is set to increase in 2022

IEA (*) | The global energy crisis, which will weigh heavily on negotiations at the COP27 Climate Change Conference that starts next week in Egypt, is also undermining efforts to ensure universal access to secure affordable energy, especially in the developing world where populations without access to electricity are once again growing.  According to the latest IEA data, the number of people around the world who live without electricity is…

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Spain To Follow Italy And Poland And Leave The Energy Charter

Spain has initiated proceedings to withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty (ETC), signed by 53 countries and in force since 1998, designed to protect foreign investment in energy infrastructure, according to Politico. Investors have invoked the treaty to litigate against Spain in more than 50 cases over renewable energy cuts. The third vice-president of the government and minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, had already pointed out on numerous occasions…


“In The Last Ten Years, While Consumption Has Risen By 1.3%, 24 Refineries Have Been Closed In The EU.”

Explains Mariano Marzo, Repsol board member: “If we are going to need oil and gas, and it is clear that they will be necessary for many years to come, we must guarantee their production without demonising them. Failure to do so means tackling an ill-considered energy transition, driven more by ideology than by technology” … “The main risk of this ideological approach, which is quite widespread in many European areas,…

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Spain And Europe, Plunged Into Total Energy Chaos

Julián González (Capital Madrid) | The war in Ukraine has brought economic and energy chaos to Spain and the whole of Europe. Brussels does not rule out the possibility of a collapse at all levels due to the upward spiral of both oil and gas prices. And it has forced many countries to prepare to face the biggest energy crisis, even greater than those in 1973 and 1979. The European…

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Why Europe Didn’t Reduce Its Dependence on Russian Gas

Nick Ottens (Atlantic Sentinel) | Western Europe refused to see the risks. Eastern Europe refused to invest in renewables. Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States have imposed unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia since it invaded Ukraine, banning Russian airlines and state media, cutting off Russian banks from the SWIFT financial system and freezing the assets of Russian oligarchs and the Russian Central Bank. The one step European countries…

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Europe’s energy drama: import dependency is high –and rising

MADRID | The Corner | Winter’s coming and Europe finds itself in a complicated position. The (declining) production of the continent’s energy import has traditionally fallen short of (growing) consumption . In 2012, 53.7% ofEurope’s energy consumption was based on imports – up from in 44% in 1996, according to UBS. Brussels admits the share of imported energy is likely to rise to 100% in oil and above 80% in gas by 2030. 


Barking at Russia is Easy, Biting is Not

Bungling with Russia over Crimea will send the West knocked out with a bloody nose. One way or another, it was a crisis a long time coming. Europe has arguably sleepwalked into a reluctant confrontation with Russia. The continent’s next-door behemoth of a neighbor, saddled by a man it secretly detests the most, is also its largest energy supplier, irascible trading partner and purveyor of most maladies diplomatic.