G20 in India discusses reform of multilateral agreements between development banks

Banca March: G20 finance ministers and central bankers meet in India to discuss reforming multilateral arrangements between development banks and easing the debt burden on developing countries. Meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has held talks with her Indian counterpart Nirmala Sitharaman with the aim of strengthening relations with the Asian country.

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Who Is Going To Pay In A Low/Negative Yield Environment?

Allianz Global Investors | That question is heard quite often in connection with the corona-related fiscal packages. While there is no shortage of suggestions of how the new public expenditure and old debt is to be funded, many people seem to be overlooking the fact that the current low or negative interest-rate environment is already making a major contribution to debt reduction. This article will analyse the impact of implicit interest rates, growth and inflation on debt ratios in Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

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A G20 meeting marred by trade restrictions

 The G20 finance and economy ministers will meet in Fukuoka (Japan) this weekend against the backdrop of trade restrictions. The World Trade Organization estimates that between October and May, 20 new restrictions on world trade have been introduced, worth 335.9 mm. $. These measures are linked to others that previously affected a volume of trade worth 480.9 mm. $, and most worrying is that more restrictions are expected. This compensates, Intermoney analysts argue, the liberalizing measures by value of 397.2 mm. € that were taken in the last months. 

G-20 meeting: the truce

G-20 Meeting: The Truce

Luis Martí | It is probable that Trump will just wait until 1 March to review the progress from his conversation with the President of China. Many things can happen in three months. If they deserve it, this journal will take them into account.

G20 Summit in Hamburg

G-Zero: Just An Opportunity To Overcome Mutual Grievances

The G-20 Summit in Hamburg has shown how useless this gathering has become nowadays. Its contribution to world policing stands close to zero. No wonder. The only positive outcome emerging from the meeting was the opportunity it provided for enhancing personal relations and overcoming mutual grievances. Mr Trump excelled in this job when meeting Mr Putin.

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Dire Outlook For World Trade

The recent G 20 Summit saw widespread concern over the backlash against free trade. The crude populism gaining momentum in many developed countries has raised the banner against globalisation, depicted as the main culprit for all woes. Those losing their jobs or facing tougher labour conditions openly blame imports and open market access for their misfortune.

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Climate Deal: A Ratification For The Headlines

Julius Baer Research | Alongside the G20 summit, China and the United States informed that they both ratified the Paris agreement on climate change. The treaty was negotiated and signed under the lead of the United Nations in Paris last December and will go into effect once countries in sum representing at least 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions ratified the agreement.