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Farewell Medal Mania, Hello Sports Reform

Hu Shuli via Caixin | Chinese sports fans following the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have noticed something different about the latest generation of Olympians representing their country. Today’s young athletes are a lot less inclined to cry if they fail to win a gold medal. It’s a whole new ball game: China has replaced a form of gold-medal worship with true appreciation for athletic endeavors and achievement.

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What is the economic impact of the Rio Olympic Games?

CaixaBank | Everything is ready for the inauguration of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on Friday. This is the most important global sporting event and Brazil is the first South American country ever to have hosted the games. But what will the economic impact be for the country which is in recession?


Euro zone enters half of top 10 Visa spenders during London Olympics

LONDON | Kevin Burke, director at Visa Inc, believes that the Olympics work as a showcase for athletics, and the same goes for tourism. Burke released Wednesday data on Visa accounts spending levels of international travelers during the second week of the London 2012 Games, which reached $716.7 million. The figures mark a steady line, the total being $1.4 billion. Visitors from the US lead the top 10 list, some…


Olympics cash wave too low to surf

LONDON | While the Earth begins to follow the 2012 Olympics' throb, as the Welsh authorities put it Tuesday morning, research to determine whose massive opportunity it is has kick-started. But the scope of the latest studies seems more restricted: instead of holding expectations of a general recovery for the UK's economy, think of particular sectors of the hospitality industry. And think London. According to data collected by Santander UK, London…