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Volkswagen sales reach €76,198m (+21.5%) in 1Q23, while BMW’s total €36,853m 8 (-64%)

Norbolsa | Volkswagen yesterday posted sales and operating profit above consensus expectations, €76,198M (+21.5%) against €72,300M estimated and €4,730M (versus -29.9% year-on-year) as opposed to €4,076M, respectively, mainly driven by volume, strong pricing and product mix. Geographically, growth was largely attributable to strong growth in Europe and NAFTA, while on the negative side, deliveries in China declined by -14.5%. Meanwhile, BMW released its 1Q23 results, coming in above consensus expectations….

In 2017 global sales of electric cars surpassed the 1-million-unit mark

Volkswagen Chooses Sagunto (Valencia) For Its Battery Gigafactory, Where It Will Invest 7 billion euros

The Volkswagen Group and Seat have officially announced on Wednesday that Sagunto (Valencia) will be the site of the giant battery factory for electric cars it plans to build in Spain, which will be the consortium’s second after the one in Germany. At the press conference to present Seat’s 2021 results, Chairman Wayne Griffiths and Seat CEO and head of Volkswagen Components, Thomas Schmall, confirmed the choice of Sagunto to…

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Car Manufacturers Have A Hard Time In 2017

Concerns about auto sector in 2017 are rising as US president-elect Donald Trump threats against US companies relocating their production to Mexico. Local players have capitulated to the President-elect’s dictates- Ford cancelled plans to build a new Mexican plant- which suggests that the industry’s spine is a weak one after all as it lobbies its way into the new balance of power.


The Fines For German Car Manufacturers Will Be Maximum 10% Of Revenues

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office (FCO) has begun an investigation into Volkswagen(108,2€; – 2.9%), BMW (65,2€; – 2.4%), Daimler (52,3€; – 3.6%), Bosch (unlisted components supplier) and ZF (unlisted components supplier) for possible collusion in the purchasing of steel. The FCO could impose fines amounting to a maximum 10% of the companies’ revenues.


CE (diesel) engine may stutter

BARCLAYS | Potential reduction in car production as a result of the Volkswagen emissions scandal may negatively affect growth in Central Europe – we believe VW factories generate 0.5- 2.9% of GDP in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

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Corporate scandals grow in global economy

The Volkswagen scandal is a gigantic fraud which has taken in nearly 11 million consumers, as well as a host of governments well endowed with civil servants and a raft of regulations. This deception now forms part of a long list of disgraceful corporate actions which have been revealed since the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.

Volkswagen plans for 15 years

Volkswagen: What Did The Board Know?

Fernando Barciela | Volkswagen appoints an insider executive as its new CEO, without explaining if the company’s leadership was aware of the fraud with diesel cars

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Volkswagen to make biggest industrial investment in Spain (€4.2bn)

The Corner | May 8, 2015 | German automaker Volkswagen announced its intentions to invest €4.2 billion in its Martorell and Navarra plants in Spain between 2015 and 2019. The amount almost equals what all car manufacturers have invested in the past three years. The VW group employs 22,000 people in Spain through its 12 brands. 


The decline of nearly 40% of BES shares hampers the European financial sector

MADRID | The Corner | The Western stock indexes closed yesterday with prominent drops, reaction for which there was not a single trigger, but the sum of the various concerns that have been accumulating in recent days. The negative tone was maintained throughout the day, closing both European and U.S. stock markets near daily lows. It is important to emphasize the volatility increases, measured by the VIX index, which has reached its highest level of the last three months.