Acciona windpower

Acciona Energía starts construction on the MacIntyre wind power complex, with 1.026MW capacity and an investment of €1.300 B

Intermoney | According to press reports yesterday, Acciona Energía (ANE) (Buy, Target Price 34 euros/share) has begun construction on the wind power complex MacIntyre. This is the largest one in Australia, with a total capacity of 1.026MW and an associated investment of 2 billion Australian dollars (1.3 billion euros). The MacIntyre complex consists of two wind farms: MacIntyre (923MW), owned by Acciona Energía (70%) and Ark Energy (30%), on which…


Acciona will pay Globalvía for the arbitrage in Chile; the initial claim was for €128 M, but the figure could be a lot lower

Banc Sabadell | Acciona (ANA) and Globalvía have agreed that the former should pay Globalvía for the arbitrage which is open in relation to the Chilean motorway Ruta 160 (which the latter bought in from the former in 2017), according to the media. Although there are no details on the final price to be paid, Globalvía’s initial claim was for 128 million euros (~1% of Acciona’s capitalisation). That said, it…

Acciona Atatonilco

Acciona wins €800 mln contract for UK waste plant, with capacity to treat 700,000 tonnes of waste

Intermoney | Acciona (Buy, TP 200 euros/share) has won the contract to build and maintain a waste treatment and energy generation plant in north London, with an investment of 800 million euros. The new installation will have the capacity to treat 700,000 tonnes, as well as to supply electricty and heating to 50,000 homes. The plant will be able to treat up to 135 tonnes of recyclable material and it…


Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) chooses Acciona to develop, with others, the biggest energy island in the world in Denmark

Link Securities | Acciona has teamed up with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and other European firms to develop the biggest energy island in the world in Denmark. The project aims to develop up to 10 GW of marine wind energy, with an investment estimated at 28 billion euros. Acciona is participating in the consortium as the builder of the infrastructure, called VindØ Energy Island, which will extend initially for 120,000…

Acciona Atatonilco

Acciona Is Not Only About Renewables: Wins €855 M Water Treatment Contract In Saudi Arabia

Acciona has been awarded the contract for the construction and operation over the next 25 years of three water treatment plants in Saudi Arabia. They will have a total capacity of 440,000 cubic metres per day and will serve a population of 2.1 million. This news is further proof that Acciona is not only made up of its listed renewable subsidiary, but also has profitable businesses within the Group.

Sydney Metro West

Ferrovial, Acciona Win A €1.24 Billion Contract For A Section Of The Sydney Metro Line

Ferrovial and Acciona have been awarded the central section of the Sydney Metro West line in New South Wales (Australia). The project is valued at A$1.96 billion (equivalent to approximately 1.24 billion euros).
It is one of the most important projects in the state. As part of the project, the Acciona Ferrovial joint venture will create 1,000 new jobs, in addition to providing 500 training positions for the local community.

Acciona windpower

Acciona: When The Subsidiary Is Worth More Than The Parent Company

T.C. | Acciona approved yesterday the spin-off of its green energy subsidiary, Acciona Energía, in order to float up to 30% of the capital of this subsidiary, which the press and some Spanish analysts want to value at 12 billion euros, although on 31 March Acciona’s capitalisation on the Spanish stock market was “only” 8 billion euros. The deal could allow Acciona to reorganise and reduce its debt, which currently stands at 6.858 billion euros, of which 2 billion euros matures this year.


DBRS Rates Acciona’s Debt At BBB In The Long Term And At R-2 In The Short Term

Acciona has publicly confirmed its rating from the Canadian agency DBRS. This is a rating that the Spanish firm has had since 2018 for various specific operations in different regions, mainly in North America, but which it has so far not released. Acciona does not have ratings from the main rating agencies. However the company believes that the flexibility of the sector analysis offered by DBRS allows it to more reliably reflect the joint risk of Acciona’s various businesses.

Acciona wins Sao Paulo subway line contract withdrawn from Odebrecht

Acciona Wins Sao Paulo Subway Line Contract Withdrawn From Odebrecht

Spanish watchdog CNMV has confirmed the agreement between Acciona, the Brazilian consortium Move and the State of Sao Paulo regarding the transfer of the city’s subway line concession to the Spanish firm. This project was withdrawn from Odebrecht in 2016 and is one of the largest in Brazil’s concession sector.

Acciona to build and operate its first desalination plant in Hong Kong

Acciona to Build And Operate Its First Desalination Plant In Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Water Supplies Department has selected a consortium including Acciona to design, build, operate and maintain the first phase of the Tseung Kwan O desalination plant. The project, worth HKD9.018 billion (€1.042 billion), includes the construction and operation of the plant for a duration of ten years. The facility will equip the city to face the challenges of climate change and the low level of rainfall in the area.