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CAF wins €150-million contract with Mitsubishi in Philippines to build 56 commuter trains for Manila

According to press reports, the Philippine Transport Authority has selected the alliance of CAF and Mitsubishi for the supply of 56 commuter trains for Manila for an amount of €150 M (1.2% of the current portfolio). The contract is still pending signature. Assessment: Positive news, although its impact is limited due to its insignificant size for the Company as a whole and because it is still pending signature.

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CAF’s two projects in Israel account for 7% of portfolio, current situation to have limited impact

Banc Sabadell : In the context of the new scenario of armed conflict in Israel, it should be noted that CAF (CAF) has two projects underway in the country. These are the Jerusalem light rail project and the Purple Line project of the Tel Aviv light rail, which together account for ~7% of the company’s portfolio. Assessment: News with a negative bias although with limited impact for now as the…

caf cartel fachada

CAF pre-qualifies for €3.5 billion tender in Denmark

Link Securities| Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) has been shortlisted alongside Alstom, Siemens and Stadler to win a €3.5 billion tender in Denmark for the delivery of 226 automatic trains for the Copenhagen suburban railway network. DSB, the Danish railway operator, said in a statement that the competitive process will now go ahead, with the aim that the contract will be awarded in H1 2025 and the new trains…

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CAF subsidiary Solaris to develop 220 hydrogen buses for €150 M for Bologna, Venice and Cologne

Renta 4| CAF has been awarded three contracts, two in Italy and one in Germany, for more than €150 million. Bologna has awarded Solaris the supply of 127 12-meter hydrogen buses. The contract provides for an extension for an additional 140 vehicles (34 units will be delivered in 2024 and the rest between 2025 and 2026). Venice has awarded Solaris the supply of 90 hydrogen buses (75 units of 12…

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CAF signs contract to supply 81 zero emission buses in Germany and Denmark for €50M

Intermoney| CAF (CAF) informed the CNMV on Friday that it has signed agreements with the German city of Duisburg and the Danish city of Aarhus to supply a total of 81 Solaris zero emission buses over the coming months, with a combined volume of approximately €50 million. The city of Duisburg has chosen Solaris to supply 25 Urbino hydrogen buses, 11 of the 12-metre version and 14 18-metre articulated vehicles,…

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CAF to supply electric buses to Cagliari, metro units to Naples and trams to Palermo for more than €150m

Link Securities | CAF informed the CNMV on Thursday that three Italian cities, Cagliari, Naples and Palermo have placed their trust in CAF to make decisive progress in their transformation towards sustainable urban mobility. The CAF Group will supply electric buses to Cagliari in Sardinia, metro units to Naples and trams to Palermo, the capital of Sicily. According to the company, these contracts confirm CAF’s strong value proposition as a…

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Good news for Talgo and CAF: Adif to start second phase of long-distance rail liberalisation

Renta 4 | Adif has announced that it will start the second phase of the liberalisation of long-distance rail transport. The lines to be put out to tender are those to Murcia, Galicia, Extremadura, the Basque Country and Asturias. Renfe, Iryo, Ouigo, Eco Rail, Euskotren and FGC have already expressed interest in participating in this contract. One of the key points is that Adif will include in the tender the…

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CAF emerges as main candidate to win €330M contract to renew ATM Milano’s bus fleet

Link Securities| The railway manufacturer Construcciones y Auxiliares de Ferrocarriles (CAF), through its bus division Solaris, has applied as the main candidate to renew ATM Milano’s bus fleet, in a tender valued at €330 million and for which it will face competition from up to three different rivals, according to the newspaper The tender, which will be resolved in the coming weeks, according to sources involved in the process,…

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CAF And Hitachi, Candidates To Buy Thales’ Signalling Business

According to analysts at Banc Sabadell, Thales has shortlisted CAF and Hitachi for the purchase of the French company’s signalling business. Stadler is said to have dropped out of the process, with bids having been submitted at the end of last week. French press reports flag that Thales would have valued the subsidiary at 1.8 billion euros vs 1.6 billion euros and the offers received would have been lower. So…

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Alstom Withdraws Bid For Mega-Contract Won By CAF-Bombardier Consortium

Renta 4 | Alstom has decided to cancel its bid for the contract for the supply of 146 trains worth 2.560 billion euros that the CAF-Bombardier consortium won three weeks ago, considering it to be unfeasible. From a financial point of view, this setback leaves in the air a contract worth, according to the latest information from the consortium, around €1 Bn. Moreover, from a strategic point of view, CAF could lose the opportunity to consolidate its position as the second largest operator in the French market.