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The Capital Plans The ECB Will Require Banks Due To The War In Ukraine is not To Harm Dividends

Renta 4 | The ECB plans to require banks to include the effects of the war in Ukraine in the internal capital adequacy assessment process as it is dragging on longer than expected. The ECB wants banks to include analyses of various scenarios on the impact of second-round derivatives as a result of the war, such as downward revision of economic growth. Opinion: We consider the ECB’s request to be…

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Dividend Payouts In Spain Could Rise By 15-20% In 2022

Allianz GI | After a drop in dividend payouts related to the coronavirus crisis in 2020, companies in the MSCI Europe European equity index increased their payouts again last year by around a third to a record €378 billion. And this trend is likely to continue again in 2022: according to our forecasts , a further increase in total dividends of around 8 percent to around €410 billion is expected…

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It’s time to focus on Spain’s hotel stocks NH Hoteles and Melia

Sonia Ruiz de Garibay (GVC Gaesco) |Spain’s hotel chains NH Hoteles and Meliá are reaping the benefits of their restructuring and the adjustments made in the areas of operating costs and debt reduction. So these stocks are a good bet for locking in profits thanks to their attractive trading ratios.



Apple opens its war chest: isn’t it what they are supposed to do?

NEW YORK | You may have been subjected to all the hyperbolic coverage of Apple. You may already be fed up with all those free advertisement in the mass media whenever Apple puts their new gadget in the market; irritated by the lack of respect for labour rights of its providers, like the now infamous Foxconn. You might be feeling all that-  although you will soon forget about it if…


US huge corporate cash piles: 41% sits in foreign accounts

NEW YORK | It is the latest mantra on Wall Street: US companies are sitting on a lot of cash, $1,2 trillion, and that’s only counting non-financial companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500, says the Association for the Financial Professionals. This is a record: up 70% from 2007 and 200% for the past 10 years. This huge war chest makes a lot of people wonder: what are they waiting for?…

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UK investment industry looks on the raising-dividend side

LONDON | 58pc of  the Association of Investment Companies or AIC members in the UK growth and income sector have been able to raise dividends for at least each of the last 10 years. AIC published Tuesday the results of its latest research and reminded investors of its associated firms’ main track record, which described as ‘impressive’. In the longer term, though, only 46pc of uk growth and income sector have been…