NAFTA negotiations

NAFTA Negotiations At A Standstill

In the fifth round of renegotiations regarding the modernisation of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, no progress was made on the major points of contention. Now the sixth round will take place in Washington in December 2017. While this is not AXA IM’s central scenario, there is still a risk that the negotiations break down.

Mexico's automotive potential

Mexico: the potential of its automotive powerhouse

Mexico is an automotive powerhouse in its own right: it is fourth in the rankings of automobile exporters, coming immediately after the top three players, Germany, Japan and the US.  And there are important indirect public advantages which an automotive manufacturere can benefit from if it decides to set up operations there.

NAFTA negotiations

After NAFTA: New Trade Opportunities for Mexico

Daniel Kapellmann | Whereas it took some 10 years to negotiate and enforce a mechanism to strengthen commercial bonds between Canada, the United States and Mexico, today, after 23 years in existence, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) may be overrun in just a couple of months.

Mexico-USA relations

Are Mexico and America Heading for a Breakup?

Maria Fernando Tapia Cortés | Donald Trump has already built barriers around his relationship with Mexico that are higher than any wall. The diplomatic slip in the form of a tweet that ended with President Enrique Peña Nieto canceling their meeting was apparently fixed after the phone call between the two presidents held on January 27, in which they agreed to not talk publicly of the wall and expressed their desire to keep cooperating on issues like security.