Can Podemos Govern Spain?

In January 2014, dozens of people got together in the Teatro del Barrio in Lavapies, (in the centre of Madrid), to form a political party to participate in the European Parliament elections to be held in May of that year. They needed 50,000 signatures to formalise their candidacy. Within in few days, they had the signatures and the embrio of what is now (920 days later) PODEMOS was born

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Spain Poised For Fresh Elections

The utterly preposterous policy platform submitted by Podemos leaves no room for a left-wing grand coalition in Spain. Its reckless recipes are only aimed at frustrating any hope the Socialist leader might have of forming a cabinet. With everyone manoeuvring to achieve pole position, no serious negotiations can take place on alliances which could lead to the formation of a cabinet. So voters will probably have the chance for a second say just before the summer break.


Spain Needs More Than Just A Cabinet In Office

The political parties in Spain seemed unwilling to break the deadlock one month after the general elections had taken place. Then there was a dramatic emergence from the doldrums last Friday, when Podemos made a surprise call for a left-wing coalition headed by the Socialists.


Spain goes to the polls as the Ibex runs out of new stock ideas

Spain will go to the polls on Sunday and expectations have certainly been met for a more interesting race to the finishing point than in 2011. New kids on the block, centre-right Ciudadanos and anti-austerity Podemos, have put an end to the over 40-year two-party dominance of the Popular Party (PP) and the Socialists. The new government could implement more reforms with expected positive economic impact, but the downturn in markets such as Latin America is likely to weigh more on Spain’s stock market.

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Spanish General Elections: Emerging Leaders Corner The Socialist Forerunner

Last night, the leaders of the Ciudadanos and Podemos emerging parties joined forces to deliver a scathing bashing to the Socialist candidate during the debate held as a foretaste of the Spanish General Elections on December 20th. Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy judiciously declined the invitation to assist at the expected slaughtering.

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The new political scenario may wreck the Spanish economic recovery

Polls predict no party will command a comfortable majority in Spain after the generel elections in December. It is the first time this has happened in the new era of democracy. No one knows for sure what the plausible consequences might be, but you can bet they will cause undue damage to the economy.