Spanish CPI

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Spanish CPI falls by 7 tenths due to drop in oil prices

MADRID | The Corner | It was expected that the fall in the oil prices would have an impact on the Spanish CPI, and that is what has happened. The CPI dropped by six tenths in December with respect to the previous month, while it reduced its interannual rate by seven tenths to -1.1%. This fall is the result almost exclusively of the decline of the oil price, whose fluctuations represent more than 50% of the variability of the Spanish inflation.

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Spanish CPI plummets to 45-month low

MADRID | By Tania Suárez | The Spanish consumer prices index (CPI) dropped to +0.3% from August to September, its lowest level in 45 months, due to the statistical effect of the increase in VAT of the same month of 2012.