The agreement on the minimum wage and the relative success of the trip to Catalonia encourages the new government

The Minimum Wage And The Trip Of Sánchez To Catalonia Encourages The New Government

Joan Tapia (Barcelona) | The PSOE-Podemos Coalition Government has not failed to confront its two main challenges: economic policy and Catalonia. However, now comes the most important issue: to approve the national budget for 2020 for which it needs a vote in favour of ERC. This time the abstention of ERC is not enough, as in the case of the investiture, which was achieved in exchange for the establishment of a dialogue between the governments of Madrid and Barcelona.

Mexico's elections to be held on 1 July

Mexico’s Elections: The Implications Of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Becoming Next Leader

Mexicans go to the polls on 1 July. Some 3,400 elected positions are at stake (including the President, deputies senators, and gubernatorial elections), potentially reshaping the country’s political landscape.  AXA IM analysts expect that Andrès Manuel Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, will be victorious and become the next President and that his coalition Called MORENA) will obtain a small majority in both chambers of the Congress.

The EC rejects Italy's budgetary plans

Why We Should Worry About Italy’s Coalition Talks

The two parties that are about to form the next Italian government are driven by a profoundly anti-democratic culture. Their claim to so-called direct democracy exercised via the web on a platform owned by a private company is not just a staple of populism, but an attempt to fuel general discourse against any party in the name of the people.

Germany's fiscal policy

Germany: A Change In Direction For Fiscal Policy

One of the strategic points in the agreement of GroKo III is fiscal policy. After three years in «austerity mode» it now seems to be changing direction. CaixaBank’s economists analyse this in more detail.

Is Jamaica coalition failure a German crisis?

Jamaica Coalition Failure: A German Crisis?

By Guntram Wolff | Jamaica has failed: the negotiations to form a new government in Germany were ended by the liberals. The breakdown was certainly a shock to the Berlin political establishment. It is quite unusual for Germany to take such a long time to negotiate the formation of a new government.

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Jamaica coalition in Germany: Digital revolution and homeland

Merkel is negotiating a coalition government with the Greens and the Liberals – who propose opening the country up to the 4.0 world and creating a digitalisation ministry. Meanwhile, the chancellor warns that the idea of the homeland cannot be left to the increasing number of xenophobics in the country.